Karamat Wilderness Ways WALKABOUT Summer 2018

There will be a limited number of applicants chosen to do this walk.

Dates: July 31-August 6, 2018  Cost: $950.00 Cdn. plus 5% Tax (GST)  Registration Form sent form here.


This 7 day course is designed as a personal challenge that is conducted in a group setting.  The purpose of the walk is to provide the participants the opportunity to exercise their knowledge and training where the group can be of assistance if there is any injury or emergency (safety is in numbers).  It provides the opportunity to do your own thing but to share in safety and interpersonal interactions.

As a group of travellers, we will create tools, build shelters, forage for food and rely upon the land and our combined knowledge and skill sets to live close to the Land.

The route chosen is supposed to be savored for what it has to offer.  To cover distances for distance sake is a minor objective.

Those going on the Karamat Walkabout should be qualified to do so by taking the appropriate courses offered by Karamat.  The participants will then have a clear idea of what their objectives are on the walk.

Karamat organizes and offers some leadership services for the walk for the benefit of their students, but there is no formalized instruction on the walk as all relevant training should have been carried out before hand.  Discussions, advice giving and taking is part of the experience. The objective is to gain experience in applying what you should already know.  For example, you should know: fauna, edibles, clothing, knife skills, herbal medicine, compass, map, ecology, fires and shelters.

How a participant equips him or herself should be a topic of discussion between the participant, Karamat and the other participants. Our nomadic group will gather in the Karamat basecamp for 1-2 days to become better acquainted and allow for review of local plant species, game regulations and the construction of any tools that may be useful on the walk.  Following this orientation period, the group will begin their cross-country trek in search of shelter and sustenance. If the fishing and food are good in an area we will stay there for a day or 2.  There will be minimal food and clothing taken as this is a walk to test yourself for fasting, plant knowledge, attitude, physical fitness. We will be picking you up when the 7 days are in the history books.

There is no prohibition on what you may choose to carry; only suggestions.  Keeping in mind that this is not a backpacking exercise.  Suggested extras should generally be what can be carried in the pockets.

The participants may have a choice of many objectives while participating on the walk:

  • Living off the land
  • Fasting
  • Precise navigation with map and compass
  • Testing a personally derived kit
  • Making a plant collection
  • Taking comprehensive photographs
  • Doing the walk barefoot
  • Doing the walk without knives, etc.

There is no food supplied on the Karamat walkabout. Food will be supplied when at Karamat’s base camp.


  • 2 Karamat Courses but you do not have to take the 2018 summer course.
  • Available for a pre walk get together at Karamat in June 2018. (either in person or skype)

Resume of Experience:

  • Other outdoor course’s you have taken.
  • Nights spent in a lean-to or bush bed under the stars.
  • Relevant outdoor experience (canoeing, remote areas, hiking, etc)
  • 50 plant knowledge base. (videos available through Karamat for study through the winter)

Give us an idea of what you have been up to as far as training and experience. The Walkabout will be after Karamat’s summer 2018 course with a break of a few days in between the course and the walk.

Required Personal Equipment:

  • Pot
  • Knife
  • Firekit
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Emergency rations (2,500kcal)

Please email or phone if you are interested and we can place you on the Karamat walkabout list.