About Mors Kochanski

Mors Kochanski

Mors Kochanski is widely known throughout North America and Europe for his extensive work in outdoor education, survival and wilderness living. His passion for the Northern Forest and his desire to learn everything about it has made him one of the worlds foremost authorities on Boreal wilderness skills and survival.

He popularized the term ‘bushcraft’ and coined the familiar saying “the more you know, the less you carry”. Bushcraft, published in 1987, is a foremost text on that subject with the skills you really need to know, including Firecraft, Axe Use, The Bush Knife, Cordage, Shelter Concepts, Trees and Animals is evident that Mors is teaching from experience and knowledge.

Mors is truly the “Old Dog” of the forest being one of those unique individuals that not only knows his subject but is also able to teach what he knows.

A resident of Peers, Alberta, he is most familiar to outdoor enthusiasts of Northern and Central Alberta where he has lived and worked for the past 45 years. Kochanski was an outdoor education instructor at the University of Alberta for 25 years.

He still participates in the intensive week long wilderness living/survival courses as a Master Instructor with Karamat Wilderness Ways.

Mors has been involved with the Junior Forest Warden Program for the last 30 years inspiring wardens and leaders. He received the JFW Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008.