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Basic Safe Travel and Boreal Survival Handbook

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"Basic Safe Travel and Boreal Survival Handbook" was compiled for outdoor educators and the Junior Forest Warden movement mostly from articles originally published in "Wilderness Arts and Recreation Magazine" that had become out of print but much sought after. Some of the articles were the basis for Kochanski's "Bushcraft". A small fraction of the book will seem familiar but the rest makes an excellent complement to "Bushcraft" which devotes a minimum of references to actual survival while "Basic Safe Travel and Boreal Survival Handbook" is mostly survival.

"Bushcraft" is devoted mostly on how to use nature as the source of materials to live comfortably in the bush while "Basic Safe Travel and Boreal survival Handbook" goes into great length on how to cope with the major stresses one is apt to encounter when survival is a possibility. The topics of Dehydration, hypothermia and sleep deprivation are covered in detail. Sleeping bags, bush beds and shelters, warming and signal fires, knife skills, useful knots and conduct in bear country are touched upon.

Concerning travel, there is a section on navigation with map and compass, mountain travel and considerable coverage devoted to wading rivers safely. Crossing rivers on foot accounts for being the leading cause of fatalities that beset outdoor recreationists.

Grand Syllabus

Now Available in Print

Available through Amazon or Karamat Wilderness Ways

Mors Kochanski’s enthusiasm for wilderness recreation, his extensive knowledge of the field, and his desire to learn everything there is to know about the wilderness has made him one of the foremost authorities on wilderness skills in the world.

In a time when much of today’s literature is a regurgitation of skills and repackaging of methodology, The Grand Syllabus is as original as Kochanski’s highly acclaimed book, Bushcraft. An “all inclusive” syllabus of topics once taught now and again by Mors Kochanski at the University level and in his Extended Summer and Winter Courses and the Survival Instructor Trainee Program.

The Grand Syllabus is a compilation derived from the four courses (The Introduction of Outdoor Education, Cold Weather Outdoor Living Skills, Warm Weather Outdoor Living Skills and Primitive Pioneering and Natural Crafting) he taught for the Faculty of Physical Education, The University of Alberta, Edmonton for 23 years.

Truly complimentary to the informative material he has already produced, this syllabus is what Mors would say is a list of specific skills you would need to become a well-rounded instructor. As a whole, it is a compilation of wilderness knowledge and skills of special interest to instructors would be instructors and serious students. While not intended for the beginner, should they decide to purchase, they will have a longtime reference in which to grow.

Mors Kochanski's Grand Syllabus Instructor Trainee Program
A Review by Christian Noble, Master Woodsman

 Signal Fire at Winter Wilderness Living and Survival Course

Extended Winter and Summer Wilderness Living/Survival Courses 2016

If you have ever questioned your ability to survive a wilderness emergency, these courses may be of interest to you. Seasonally oriented, they are designed to provide hands-on training in the skills of modern survival. Practicing skills in a natural environment builds an appreciation and understanding of Nature on its own terms. As far as possible, survival skills are integrated with environmental awareness so that one eventually becomes physically and mentally comfortable in the natural wilderness.  New dates have been posted for the upcoming 2015 year.

Student Review of 2013 Winter Wilderness Living Skills Course

Rat Root Rendezvous 2016

This is a gathering of people interested in the outdoors, wilderness living, wilderness survival, survival and would like to share a weekend with people that are interested in the same outdoor pursuits. We have outdoor educators as well as people interested in learning; come and share their knowledge. Everyone is welcome. The coming year's Rendezvous is August 26, 27 & 28, 2016. Check out the Rendezvous page for updated information.

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