Frequently Asked Questions – Courses

What time does the courses start?

Courses starts first thing Sunday morning so please be at the course site by 8:30. You are welcome to come the night before to get settled in. Please note that the Greyhound Bus only runs once a day and arrives at 2:00 am in the morning, so if you want to come on the bus the day before (Saturday morning at 2:00 am) please let us know so we can make arrangement for pick up.

What time does the course end?

We have a BBQ at noon on Saturday so course usually winds-up around 2:00pm. If you need to leave before that, that is fine. We try to accommodate all students according to their travel plans.

Can I bring a tent on the summer course?

By all means, bring a tent if you feel more comfortable with that. We encourage everyone to build or stay in one of the shelters provided to get a feel for what it is you prefer in shelter construction.

How many hours in a course day?

Some of the instructors stay overnight during the week so therefore they are there to teach from morning to night. Mors Kochanski has started coming in to lecture for approximately 24 hours over a 3 day period but this can fluctuate. The hands on instruction is carried out by the other instructors. Everyone on the previous courses say that they are top notch and they all put on one heck of a course. There are no 8 hour course days.

Are there showers provided?

No showers are provided, although Kelly has come up with a shower system that works pretty good in the summer. There is a Steam Bath at the end of the week, usually Friday night so bring clothing for that. Sponge bathing can be done the rest of the time.

Where does the water come from, is it potable?

The water in the summer comes from our well. If enough snow is on the ground then snow melting is done in the winter, if not, well water is provided. The well water is potable and very good. We drink it all year round.

Do you have cabins?

No cabins, but lots of shelters with wood burning stoves.

Is food provided?

We provide meals, most of which are stews with other meals like perogies, pasta meals, canned and fresh fruit, trail mix, cookies, cake, etc. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bush tea, ice tea is provided. Hot cereal, granola and bread for breakfast. Anyone with special diets will have to bring their own food.

What type of clothing is needed for the summer/winter course?

We recommend you take a look at the Equipment/Gear List provided on the course page. Mors has put this list together for both summer and winter and says to adjust the list accordingly. Please remember that you are working and cooking over an open fire so sparks can land on clothing and burn holes. We can get a lot of rain and/or heat, cold temperatures or mild weather that melts snow. Please think of your camping/hiking gear. I would recommend 2 pairs of footwear and plenty of socks but if you are used to sandals then bring them. Mosquitoes can be a problem and we provide spray. In summer a net for your head is a good idea. Bring your suntan lotion and a hat. We work under a parachute and also have a lot of trees but walks in and around the property and lake happen especially when doing plant identification. Leather gloves with liners for winter.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes, not a problem, in fact, we encourage it.

What kind of information is given out?

We provide a USB stick full of information that Mors has collected over the years. There is information on Camp Etiquette, One Pot Cooking for large groups, Clothing, Fires and Fire systems, Shelter Concepts, Knife Work, Dehydration and the list goes on. There is approximate 75 pages of information provided along with 8 of the pocket booklets that are mailed out to you or sent in epub ebook format, depending on which you prefer. If you don’t specify the type of format you prefer, an epub will be emailed to you once the deposit and registration form are received by us. We also will either mail a receipt or email it depending on what format of pocket book you want. The USB also includes pictures taken during the course.

How should I send out my registration?

You can email your registration form here or snail mail it. We will send out a paypal invoice for you to pay through a paypal account or if you don’t have a paypal account they accept credit card payments as well. We will need an email for this form of payment. We can also take a Mastercard, Visa, Bank Draft payment.  We do not accept cheques. Please specify on your registration form the type of payment you wish to use. For more information about payment please visit the enrollment page.

As more question are asked this will be updated. Please read over the information provided in pdf form on the course page. Courses are 7 days and there are lectures and hands on instruction.

If you have any other questions, please give us a call Toll Free at 1-877-KARAMAT (1-877-527-2628).

Thank you,

Lori and Randy Breeuwsma