Comments about a Plant Walk Series

Mors Kochanski is a true master woodsman. His knowledge is founded in years of both intensive study and experimentation. He is revered by his students and peers for his ability to bring knowledge about the wild outdoors to a point best understood by all levels of outdoor enthusiast. Mors is a master teacher, providing insights and interpretative information that help us better understand the living outdoor world. His encyclopedic recall is best suited to teaching what he has to share. The tradition of oral presentation is what has kept in tact most of the knowledge we have about the living world. Mors holds membership in a lineage of this traditional teaching style and enlivens all his students by helping them to appreciate the inter- relatedness of all living things.

A Word of Warning: “All of the genera represented in the tapes were found not only in the boreal forest, but throughout the entire Rocky Mountain region. Due to the similarities brought about by latitude and altitude, the same life zones exist in many locations. Even though the genera were common, specific species were not. It is up to the viewer to establish what edible and medicinal properties are found in species found in their area. Do not assume that properties from one species can be safely generalized to another. Don’t guess, know your local plants before attempting to use them”.

David Wescott, Idaho Education Director

Boulder Outdoor Survival School Managing Editor, Bulletin of Primitive Technology

Viewers of these videos will recognize Mors Kochanski as an enthusiastic, experienced author and instructor, who has devoted a lifetime to the study, research, experimentation and practice of Wilderness Living Skills.

T.A. Roycraft, Alberta

Canadian Military Civilian Survival Instructor (ret.)

“A Plant Walk with Mors Kochanski” I have found it a wonderful visual resource; perfect for teaching and reviewing a variety of plants in a classroom setting with the added benefit of being able to go back and review particular specimens.

Neil Usher, Administrator of the Bennett Centre

Edmonton Public Schools